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Mar 18, 2021 · NRMCA Joins Concrete Sustainability Council As System Operator for U.S. Marketplace Alexandria, VA – March 18, 2021 The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) has announced that it has joined the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) and become a Regional System Operator (RSO) for the U.S. marketplace. The CSC is the only industry-specific system that certifies […]

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The Guidelines form the criteria for NRMCA's Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification program.6 Compa-nies use the Guidelines to rate their level of sustainability and submit documentation to NRMCA for re-view. Plants that meet the certification criteria are issued a Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification based on the number of points achieved.

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Apr 08, 2021 · Build with Strength is partnering with Habitat for Humanity International to fortify decent, affordable and sustainable housing across the U.S. Build With Strength is donating concrete for the construction of Habitat homes and will work directly with local Habitat organizations to support home builds across 16 locations.

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NRMCA's Plant Certification Program Currently Certified Plants. Search our database for Certified Ready-Mixed Concrete plants in your area. Certification assures a consistently high-quality product for your investment. Note: Plants are updated to this list throughout the day. Expired plants are removed on the date of expiration.

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Feb 25, 2019 · NRMCA is working on the new version with the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute. The Ottawa-based consultant facilitated the first two versions, and has also assisted the National Precast Concrete Association and Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute with EPD and sustainable plant certification program development.

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NRMCA Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification Program In August 2011, three of Titan America's Virginia plants were among the first to be certified by the National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association's new Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification Program.

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Concrete, and its constituent materials, are typically sourced locally. For example, ready-mix and precast concrete plants generally use aggregates that are extracted within 80 km (50 miles) of the plant. Cement and supplementary cementitious materials used for buildings are also often manufactured within 800 km (500 miles) of a job site.

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U.S. Concrete's family of companies comprises the first concrete companies in the nation to formalize a company-wide commitment to sustainable construction. Through our Low CO 2 mixes and sustainability strategies, we have considerably mitigated the environmental impact of our production processes.

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Feb 03, 2011 · NRMCA Certifies First Four Sustainable Concrete Plants The program is designed to help concrete producers demonstrate excellence in sustainable manufacturing. August 10, 2011

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Sustainable Concrete Pavements- 2012 Developed as a more detailed follow-up to a 2009 briefing document, Building Sustainable Pavement with Concrete, this guide provides a clear, concise, and cohesive discussion of pavement sustainability concepts and of recommended practices for maximizing the sustainability of concrete pavements.

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Each of our plants is NRMCA certified, and we take this focus on exceptional care a step further by training our drivers through a Mentor Driver program. Our drivers are also certified by the NRMCA's Certified Concrete Delivery Professionals program. Our system is both preventive and proactive, offering incentives to drivers based on

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A responsible sourcing scheme is more or less a sustainable certification system that confirms that a product, plant or company has met certain criteria for sustainable practices. The primary benefit of an RSS certification is that it demonstrates to your customers and others that you operate in a sustainable, environmentally positive manner.

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Mar 19, 2021 · NRMCA Applauds Introduction of Legislation on Resilient Construction; House Bill Would Offer Tax Credits for Residential, Commercial Buildings Alexandria, VA – March 19, 2021 The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association is pleased to be part of a broad coalition that includes members of building and construction materials associations, civil engineers, codes and standards organizations, and

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Nov 09, 2016 · The National Ready Mix Concrete Association has updated its industry average environmental impacts for concrete. The aim is to provide product transparency within green building standards. The second version of the NRMCA Industry-Wide (IW) Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Benchmark (Industry Average) Report discloses the environmental impacts of concrete …

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Sep 01, 1996 · concrete plant components. In addition these standards include rating criteria, methodology, formulas and available sizes of concrete plant components currently used by the industry. Current Edition approved November 4, 2000, originally published September 1, 1996. CPMB 100 in U.S. Customary Units originally published March 1, 1960.

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Oct 05, 2015 · GCC - Tulsa, Oklahoma Plant Ready-Mixed Concrete According to ISO 14025 Environmental Product Declaration 3 Description of Company Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua (GCC) is a high quality cement, concrete, and coal manufacturer. GCC first began opera-tions in Mexico in 1941 and has since expanded business to the United States (U.S).

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Oct 10, 2016 · NRMCA Certifies First Four Sustainable Concrete Plants The program is designed to help concrete producers demonstrate excellence in sustainable manufacturing. August 10, 2011

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Sep 17, 2018 · Advanced Concrete Sustainability. Portland cement is the world's most prevalent manmade material, with approximately 1,200 pounds produced annually for every person on earth. Its primary use is to bind concrete, which is used to construct much of the built environment. Nearly 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from cement production

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concrete within plants.1 The U.S. ready-mixed concrete industry had over $27 billion in annual sales and 107,000 employed workers in 2005. It has experienced solid growth during the past 15 years: real revenues have grown at an average annual rate of 3.8 percent since 1992 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2006b). Industry History and Background