We Played Airsoft in the Rain

People in their own convenience and fixed ideas would say playing Airsoft is a complete waste of time and energy or that if anyone liked combat that much he or she should have joined the army instead of running around with toy guns like kids. Some would even say that Airsoft was overrated and only a child?s game.

I have heard many of such talks, but it never changed my mind about the game I loved very much. I have been playing this game for a while, and each time I get out on the field, I fall in love for it all over again.

Everybody cannot be in the army. That used to be my argument around people who criticized Airsoft. I eventually gave up and decided it wasn?t worth it to try to convince them. For sure everybody cannot be an army or other forces in the country. I for one had tried to join the army but was dropped after some training.

My love for combat made me join the Airsoft club. And if not for the love and pride there was in wearing that uniform, carrying the arms, and defending one?s nation, I would have said it made no sense to go to war and get killed when one could almost get the same level of excitement of combat in Airsoft without getting killed for real.

I have played some epic Airsoft game that made me fall in love over and over with the game. This game makes memories that I can never forget; memories to sit down with sometimes and laugh all by myself, memories to play in mind at night on the bed and fall to a peaceful dream, memories that are worth keeping in the safest place in the mind so that it never got lost or broken into irretrievable pieces.

One of this is a game of Airsoft I played in the rain. It was an epic game that afternoon. We had started that game under a bright sky; there was no hint it would rain that day. The game was intense and on balance. The two teams were going on a cutthroat speed, accuracy, and intensity. The coordination was so great it was difficult to bring anybody down from either team.

Then as if the rain had been waiting on a cue, I heard one of our team members scream at one point ?We gotta make it rain hits.? Then the rain began in earnest. Naturally, we would have left the field one after the other, as I for one had not played in the rain before so do not know what to expect, but we all stayed nonetheless and somehow the rain got us more excited as the torrent increased.?Make sure your battery and connection is safe, and you are good to go,? the team leader screamed above the noise of the rain. ?Pass the message across.? And we did pass it across till it got to the last man.

At first, everyone was very active, shooting at any form too solid to be rain mist. Airsoft pellets struggled it out with rain waves as they made it to the destination they were sent.

?Don?t focus on the rain ladies, you are already wet. Keep your eyes on your enemies and go for the kills. Wipe your gun as often as you can, and make the rain work to your advantage. Focus! Focus! Focus!?

If I have been in a team led by Austin, I had never witnessed him having so much charisma and effect on his team like that raining day. If the rain made the other team slower than they were before the rain started, it made us more agitated, all thanks to Austin?s charisma.

Austin thought it was a good time to push forward and win the game before the rain stopped, if possible. So we did push forward. It was a good plan generally. The enemies, when they saw us approaching, tried to adjust their position and just as they were doing that hurriedly some of them slipped in the rain and fell. Some of the falls were so funny sometimes you laugh and didn?t remember to shoot.

We did get them like we never did when it had not started raining. The mist of the rain was heavy, and we turned that into our advantage, using the mist as cover for us.

I was the first to slip in my own team; the ground had become so slippery one could barely stand on it. The other started to slip too. When our opponents saw this, they tried to gain momentum and readjust themselves too. Maybe their leader had told them to stop changing positions. They stayed in one place and started sending pellets to us. We were out of cover because we were pressing on them without minding for cover, we had the upper hand. But it seemed to be turning the moment we got to the slippery place. Many of us got shot by the opponents too, and we tried to scamper to safety.

Austin in his infinite instinct for combat screamed for all of us to go down on our bellies as it was not easy to even stand still and brace for a shot. We all went down and crawled to places where we could get a good range shot at the opponents.

There was a log few feet away from me, it was going to be a bit of crawl, but I was ready for it. Two others followed me, and we made the crawl as quickly as we could. It was better than we thought. The log gave us a perfect cover and a high level to get good view of the opponents

It was a real test for every combatant to play in the rain. I kept my gun as dry and away from splashes as I could and kept dropping the enemies from range. It was a really unforgettable day.