I Played Airsoft with New Sniper Rifle

The plan was solid. Nothing could go wrong. Whenever we made plans like this, we always won. We had done this countless times, and we have never been disappointed. Our team was a close-knit team, and whenever a point is assigned to any one of us, we always followed it, and we always won with the plan.

This time, things changed. This time, things went wrong. Our record was broken, and we suffered. It all began when Toby Hawkins and his team challenged us to an airsoft game. The rule was battle to the last man.

We had been the team with the best record in the airsoft center, and I guess this made a lot of people jealous of our prowess. One of the things we had going for us was the fact that our team included family members.

My older brother was the team leader, and the other four members of our team were our cousins. We were all very close. We were always watching movies and playing computer games and making up strategies.

We accepted Hawkins? challenge, and we made our plans. On the day of the battle, we beat them quite easily. They challenged us again, and we still beat them. They challenged for the third time, and this time, they didn?t even spend up to ten minutes in the game before we wiped them out.

This time, we began to make a jest of them, and I guess that made them livid with anger. The fourth time, they changed things and surprised us. We were caught unawares.

In the airsoft game, any weapon can be used, from grenades to sniper rifle and pistols. The pistols were used when the airsoft pellets were expended. I preferred the assault rifles though I always took along a pistol. Before now, I had never used a pistol because we usually won the game very early.

The opponents made use of sniper weapon, and this disrupted our plans and strategies. Mark was the first to be hit; Mark who was usually a game changer. Both of us were going to our positions. Our task was to provide cover for the others while they moved forward. Then we would rise as one and finish off the rest of the opponents.

Suddenly as we got close to our positions, Mark suddenly touched his chest. ?Dang it, I have been hit,? he said.


I immediately lay prone on the grass and just then, an airsoft pellet flew past my head.

?Sniper! Get down!? I screamed for the benefit of the others.

I watched as Mark walked out of the arena. I couldn?t see any of my other teammates, and I wondered if they had been hit too. I risked a look over a small rock, trying to see where the sniper was, but instantly, pellets glanced off the rock. The sniper was very good.

?Jim!? I called my brother. ?What are we gonna do??

I didn?t get any answer, and I feared the worst. I called the others too, but no one answered. I wondered what had happened to them. When several pellets began to bombard my location, I knew that the others were out of the game.

When the shots stopped, I knew it was the chance to leave my location because sooner or later, I was going to get shot. I fired in their general location to make them keep their heads down, and I ran away from the area.

They saw me though because they returned fire towards me as I ran. I dived behind a bigger rock. I had no illusions that I was going to take out all the opponents singlehandedly. I just had to take out some of them to give our team a sense of pride.

As I fired again to run into the bush behind me, I heard a click. I was out of pellets. I brought out my pistol for the first time, and the person I would ever shoot with a pistol was a guy who appeared out of nowhere. I fired out of desperation before he could hit me and he was out of the game.

I took out two more of the opponents before I got a hit on my back. It took me a few seconds to realize that I had been shot. I was very disappointed. In the end, the opponents were very happy that they celebrated with drinks. They were so sure that we would never beat them again.

We held an emergency meeting to talk about what went wrong. I made a vow to get my sniper rifle to even things. Everyone applauded my resolve. The very next day, I went to the hardware store where I checked out the items that were available.

There were several fancy airsoft sniper rifles, but the one I went for was the one with the most specifications and most expensive. I carried it in my hand to have a feel of it. The rifle cost $200, and I paid for it immediately.

I took it home, and behind our house, I practiced with the gun. It took me three days to get the hang of it. I began to make sure hits with the gun. My brother was very happy. The next thing was to learn how to hide from opponents while also taking them out. We practiced that in the forest close to our house with my cousins and brother acting as enemies.

The next game, we had prepared another strategy from the ones we usually used. While the others moved forward gently, I covered them and tried to find the sniper. We kept the secret of our new sniper a secret. I finally found the sniper hiding on a hill. I focused on his head.

I knew that if I missed the first time, he would know that there was a sniper among us and he could hide and make it hard to get him again. I fired at his helmet, and he was out. I made the sign to the other members of my team, making them know that it was safe to move forward.

One after the other, I singlehandedly took out the rest of the opponents.