Airsoft Tournaments

Airsoft has become the latest action-packed sport because of realism. Airsoft is so extreme and realistic that the airsoft gears are today being used by militants for situation exercises and internal training. 2018 was a great year for all airsoft players because of the plethora of airsoft tournaments held across the world. Airsoft tournaments comprise multiple operations where several players in teams battle it out to compete over achieving a common objective.

When the airsoft tournament is over all the airsoft players, have a gathering to enjoy each other?s company over yummy food and different fun games. Airsoft tournaments are a great way to bring together the airsoft community while having loads of fun. We have compiled a list of the three hottest and popular airsoft tournaments that are coming up in 2019 –

Upcoming Airsoft Tournaments in 2019

1) ASCENSION DE VERDUGA 2019 (February 15, 2019 ? February 17, 2019)

This airsoft tournament is hosted by Arena training facility, one of the largest multi-purpose training facility in the southeast. Col Ramon Verduga of the Revolutionary Armed Forces for Social Equality (FARIS) has built an initial ragtag force something similar to that of a powerhouse. The hold of COL over local government officials is restricting the ability of US to support Copan. You need to help Copan to eliminate the rebel forces from their homeland. This airsoft tournament is spread over 2300 acres of airsoft battlefield where teams will coordinate with external assets and work on day and night missions using local contacts and strategical mission planning.


This airsoft tournament has high-intensity mini-missions for all skill levels which runs for 4 hours in the morning and then continues for two non-stop hours post lunch. Both sessions of the tournament have multiple missions and scenarios to accomplish. For JTAC veterans the missions of this tournament are more like large op style missions and not like any other weekend warrior game style missions that are goofy and weird. Players are looking to enjoy some jaw-dropping fun with airsoft guns with some training, this is the tournaments for you.


This tournament works on the concept of Russian and Chinese pathfinding spec Ops. Russian forces have met with heavy resistance from local US forces after successfully reaching a secure landing zone. In a remarkable raid on the secure Russian landing zone, the American special forces have captured the Russian CO. With no other option than to escape from this the Russian forces have run off, but they are planning to send their team to their VIP?s and establish another secure landing zone for their forces. Is this just the beginning of another big airsoft battle? You need to participate in the tournament to know more.

Guidelines for Playing an Airsoft Tournament

As an airsoft enthusiast, you will agree with me that nothing can beat a heart-pounding and hardcore airsoft tournament. The key strategy and trick to executing a successful airsoft tournament is proper planning. Create your own win-win strategy for the next airsoft tournament by following these guidelines –

1) If you are planning to participate in any of the upcoming airsoft tournaments, we suggest you watch various airsoft tournament videos and get inspired. You will find multiple airsoft tournament videos on the Internet filmed everywhere from California to Scotland. Watching these videos will give you an idea of how other airsoft players have organized the gameplay for a successful win. With just the perfect number of players and proper planning, one can improve in these tournaments. Do thorough research on all types of airsoft game types to discover what can be done to make it work. Then, implement your own strategies to make the tournament more epic.

2) Find an airsoft friendly location that is open, has a flat field for practicing before the tournament. Most of the airsoft battlefields in the tournaments are easy go-to’s and already meet the safety restrictions along with having a challenging battle course with in-built obstacles. Always bear in mind that a truly epic airsoft tournament will be held in a bigger area with multiple obstructions and challenges. We suggest you find a great location for practicing that grants permission to use airsoft guns on the location. Having found a great airsoft friendly location for practice sessions, equip the field with some real obtrusions such as mounds, bunkers, and more.

3) Always discuss and outline the airsoft tournament rules and safety instructions with your teammates. The kill-joys of any airsoft tournament are player not following the rules and players getting injured seriously. The rules and safety guidelines play a vital role in your success at the tournament. When playing any airsoft tournament it is foolish to think you are above the rules, this shows you are unprofessional and amateur at the gameplay.

4) Last but not least, get out on the airsoft battlefield and enjoy the tournament. Be stealthy, devote your hard work, make use of all the barriers and cover. Playing fair and coordinating with your team will result in complete airsoft tournament domination.

Must Check Checklist before any Airsoft Tournament

Gearing up for any airsoft tournament is challenging, exciting, strategic, and at the same time nerve-wracking. Our goal is to ensure that you don?t miss out on anything before heading to the airsoft battlefield for your next airsoft tournament. Here?s a quick checklist for you to check before every airsoft tournament ?

1) It is very much obvious that you do not want to forget your airsoft gun on the tournament day. We suggest you clean your gun the night before or morning of the tournament to ensure its proper functionality. You do not want to end up with kinks on the gun as soon as you enter the battlefield. Put your airsoft gun in the bag along with other protective gear so that you have to pick up one single bag before you head to the battlefield for your tournament.

  1. For you to outlast on the battlefield for the whole day, you need sufficient airsoft ammo. Eject your magazine and load your airsoft gun before the tournament with quality BB?s. Ensure that you use high-quality ammo to load the gun otherwise, it could result in jamming during the gameplay. If you do not have a high-capacity magazine, we suggest you take extra airsoft BB?s with you to survive the tournament.

3) Carrying along the right airsoft safety gear to reduce the sting you feel when being hit and decrease the probability of being injured seriously. Protect yourself with full-face helmets and shatter-proof anti-fog goggles. Do not remove your google when you are out of the firing range or on the airsoft battlefield. If by any chance you lose your safety google on the field then it is recommended that you shout out as. ?Blindman? so that other players stop firing at you. We also recommend you invest in a hard helmet for the battlefield to prevent yourself from serious head injuries which hurt like hell.

4) It is the realistic weapons (airsoft guns) that make the tournaments so much fun. Based on the type of airsoft gun that you are going to use for the tournament, you will have to carry a few additional supplies into the airsoft gun bag. If you are planning to use the sniper role for the gameplay, carry binoculars or an airsoft rifle that helps you target higher shooting ranges. Carry additional batteries with you, if you plan to decide on using an airsoft electric gun. You might also want to carry some green gas in case you plan to use a gas gun for the gameplay.

5) Having proper nourishment is important to stay energized on the airsoft battlefield. Airsoft tournaments usually increase the heart rate up. You need to avoid any low energy levels, and sugar crashes when you are on the airsoft battlefield. This can be done by carrying electrolyte-packed energy drinks, trail mix, bottled waters, and granola bars. Carry along extra nourishment than you think will be required during the gameplay to help any other team member who might be running low.

It all depends on the kind of airsoft tournament you are participating, and you can never be completely prepared for any airsoft tournament. However, the above checklist will help you be on the safer side during the gameplay with all the necessary items at your disposal during the tournament. If you have any other special pre-airsoft tournament rituals that you follow, let us know, and we will add that to the above checklist. Always head out early to the tournament, acquire a complete map of the battlefield territory and then discuss on the strategy with your team. We hope this article has equipped you completely to dominate in any airsoft tournament.