I Added to My Airsoft Gun Collection

My watchword from the moment I became a teenager was to make money and never stop making money. For that, I had done a lot of shitty jobs. I knew nothing like fun even when I thought when I made the money it would bring all the fun I ever wanted. Yes, I have had fun.

I mean the kind of fun open to people who have money. I have become rich since I was just a young adult. I bought my mansion at the age of 21. I know you wonder the kind of job I did that made me as rich as I was at such a young age. Well, it is good that my life arouses your curiosity, but it is a story for another day.

To be rich means to have lots of friends. But one factor comes with having so many friends. The more friends one has as a rich person, the more the enemies? one has. Sometimes it is even multiplied. Your friends sometimes in their convenience and by the authority of your riches make enemies on your behalf. And together we would fight the enemy they made for me like we had been their enemies from the very beginning. Anyway, that also is another story.

All these really are activities to keep a man going day after day, in addition to other businesses we did, but where is the fun in what one does on a daily basis? This I told the closest of my friend; the only person who would rather make friends on my behalf than enemies.

?I know how you feel,? he said the first time I mentioned my plight to him as if he had been experiencing the same thing that I did.

?What do you mean you understand how I feel?? I asked him skeptically. I found it hard to believe that he feels the same thing I felt. As far as I was concerned, they were enjoying every bit of their lives at my expense, without really knowing what was going on with me. And for that, I did not blame them. They also were just living the life they found themselves in.

?I know it can become boring to be in your position; to do the same thing over and over, to have the same friends over a long period of time.?

I looked at him with not much interest at first, but when I thought about all he said, I agreed he had an idea of how I was feeling.

?I have been thinking a lot lately man, but I haven?t come up with any possible solution to this stupid feeling eating me up. What do you suggest I do to lift my spirit?? I asked him with a part of me thinking he would suggest drugs, and a part of me hoping he would remain the one man I could always count on to have sense in him. Because the moment he suggested that I started using some shitty drugs would be the last time he heard anything of my affairs.

?Do you realize that sometimes I disappear for hours on some weekends?? he asked in a way that it was not a question to answer. ?There was a time I was getting bored as you do now, then I discovered something just by chance, and it became my way out of boredom. I will suggest you come with me sometimes. We will go play the game of Airsoft, and it would be the end of your boring days,? He said finally

I told him I did not know anything about Airsoft, except that it was a fake gunfighting game. He laughed out loud, even though I did not feel like I had said something funny, and he said amidst his laughter that I knew enough. He said all I needed to know as a beginner and the next thing was for us to find me an Airsoft gun that would suit me, watch some videos on YouTube and do some real training. Afterward, we would go for the real game. He said he could assure me that from the moment I start playing the game, I will be looking forward to the next time that I would be out there on the field.

When he said all that I decided to give it a try. It took us several hours of surfing the internet before I chose the latest model of the airsoft gun that caught my eye. ?You have chosen rightly my man.? He said. We placed the order online, and the package was delivered to me the next day. At first, it appeared to me like a real gun; it was a perfect imitation of the real thing.

I started my training the second day the gun arrived; it was not a serious training, and it was only necessary because I had not handled a gun before. I spent the rest of my day watching online combat videos on YouTube and doing some target practice.

I knew for one thing that my days of boredom were coming to an end even from the moment I got the gun. It brought a twinge of excitement that was different from the ones I was used to, and that came from just having the Airsoft gun. Then practicing and watching the videos made me itch and made me eager to make use of the gun in a first real combat game.

Few days after I got the new Airsoft gun, my friends told me on a morning that it was the day for the game. All my excitement rolled up and turned into something I could not explain inside me. I was registered as a new member, and so was my gun. I was given the kit and a team to fight for. I was handed the paper that had the list of rules and regulations for Airsoft combatants, and just after that, the game started at a set time.

Like my friend had said, it was indeed the end of boredom for me. I was always looking forward to using my gun in another Airsoft game.