The Negative Effects Of Airsoft

It is a well-known rule that everything in the world with merit or uses is sure to have demerit. The good and bad side is associated with everything on earth (animate and inanimate objects alike). Money, for instance, can be considered. Money is widely seen as the major reason for existence and the atlas that makes the world go round, but even at that, it has its ugly side. Just like guns can be used to defend the invasion of the home, so can a stray bullet kill an innocent citizen on the street.

It is a known fact that airsoft and military share unique qualities in terms of ammo, technique, equipment one of its downside are the fact that it is not real and can never be used in the real world as they have no effect. It?s just a game. To the casual observer that has no inkling of what an airsoft gun looks like, it will create a ?startling and intimidating? effect on him. Airsoft guns have been abused time and time again as it can be seen being toyed around with by children

Despite the fact that it is fun, exciting and brings a thrilling sense of adventure, caution should be taken whenever it is played by anyone, old or young.

Airsoft brings and teaches teamwork, gun control and keeps one of the computer screens alongside other positive effects which have been discussed in earlier articles.

The airsoft game being globally recognized has been subjected to laws and legislation in some countries as per these dangers. In Australia for example, police confirmation and certification forms are required before these ?firearms? can be imported, and in addition, some kind of guns are prohibited such as automatic-fire gun as well as sub-machine lookalike guns. However, many players of the sport might argue that airsoft is a sport loved by all and can only be criticized by those who do not love the sport or respect what it means. Of course, one can be forgiven for overlooking the faults of what he likes and that leads us to explain why airsoft is bad.

Dangers associated with Airsoft

For the fact that we have no inclination on the dangers relating to airsoft there are some habits that are expedient to avoid so as to prevent incidents from occurring. When do one term airsoft as dangerous and why airsoft is bad? Over time, when we play airsoft, we tend to develop habits which are bad. The weapons we use in airsoft for one can serve as a great threat if they are not up to a standard such as the use of substandard BB?s to the lack of eye protection when participating in the game.

? The worst of bad airsoft habits is the usage of cheap and substandard ammunition. Purchasing of such products can be linked to a lack of adequate funds but in the long run, may pose great dangers to us and others. Though to the individual, you might be subsidizing on items or groceries so as to properly manage allowances that are on the top list of your needs, such BB?s are more liable to lock down or break your gun thus making you exceed your budget. Using gun will lead to catastrophic effect.

? The use of wall chargers on your gun tends to cause dangerous effects. Buy or purchase the ideal smart chargers to use with your gun as the Walmart chargers that come with it are best disposed of. Wall chargers are also known to overcharge airsoft batteries and require constant monitoring. Issues relating to overheating cause the batteries to weaken eventually.

? Another habit that you need to quit in regard to the equipment is that of leaving the charger plugged in; this is a major habit that is quite common to most people. It is one thing to make use of a bad charger and another to leave the battery plugged in via the usage of such chargers which is a whole lot worse. This method will not only drain the battery when not in use but also kills the battery way faster, in the end, it has a lasting damaging effect regardless of the way one views it.

How to curb wrong airsoft habits

Situations and events could make one fall into the trap of purchasing substandard equipment just so you can have some fun or please a loved one or feel you belong to a group, but it all pays off in the end if one relies on patience, save gradually and get the right equipment, then you can enjoy airsoft without making double purchases frequently.

? If you fall into the category of having limited funds, prepare your budget and when the time is right, buy the ammunition in bulk or better still watch out for promos on coupon codes that are required to purchase the gear and grab the chance.

? Wall chargers are basic, their durability is also in question, and their length of usage is limited, you might not get to enjoy your purchase. However, the prices of smart chargers have reduced over the years, and it?s now a new preference.

? It takes seconds to unplug your battery with little or no effort required, and it is wise to unplug them when they are not in use.

Harms of airsoft for kids and adults

As stated already, airsoft is neither the safest sport nor the best that exists. As a matter of fact, airsoft should not be played due to the negative effect it has on players. The following are the reasons why airsoft is bad.

1. It plays no major role in the education of the child

What lesson do kids gather from airsoft? To carry a gun around? What does this achieve? Nothing good. There have been cases where kids were mistaken for criminals because they were in possession of airsoft guns that were unrecognized by the bystander. In fact, there was a case of a kid being shot dead by police in California about eight years ago just because of the identity mistake.

If there is no reason for a kid to carry an airsoft gun around, he shouldn?t. Though, if a kid is educated on the proper use of firearms, it should be done at home or in centers where airsoft is allowed as this cannot be learned in a school.

2. Promotion of violence

Perhaps the worst harm of airsoft, an ordinary game can swiftly turn into a war in airsoft. Minor disagreement on the part of the players might lead to one person shooting BB?s directly into the eyes of another which is very dangerous and can cause permanent damage.

Airsoft aims to project real-time wars and battle techniques in the fragile mind of humans and even worse, in the barren minds of kids with wild and stray thoughts. Airsoft does not only show how real kills are made in wars, and it goes further to create the vivid environment in the defenseless imagination of the average human, it can be argued that adults can control their thoughts but is it really so? Or can the same be said for kids? Airsoft has kindled violence so much with its image and ideas. In fact, there is the fear that kids will soon plan wars within themselves and this time, use actual guns.

3. Obsession

Kids tend to grow into things they are used to. The possession of airsoft gun by a kid will make him or her addicted to it as an adult because they wish to carry it wherever they go.

4. Aiding of crimes

Airsoft uses guns that look every inch realistic and are very difficult to distinguish from actual firearms even to the trained eye. Inadvertently, this has made crime easier. Unlike the past when people needed real guns to rob or steal and that fake guns could be easily spotted, crimes these days are easily accomplished with the use of airsoft guns. Who would blame a shopkeeper with little or no military knowledge from cowering in flight before a random man brandishing an airsoft gun to his face?

If an airsoft gun is fired at close range [3ft-5ft], especially high-velocity gun and it comes in contact with the skin of one of the players, it can cause blood blisters which can lead to bleeding.

What guardians can do

Now that we have identified the negativity surrounding airsoft and its harmful effect, this is what parents should do to avoid the dangers linked to airsoft.

I. Airsoft should have guiding rules and regulations which should be taught to kids before they are allowed to participate in it.

II. Kids should be required to complete a course in firearms safety. This will make them have a foreknowledge of gun control and apply it to airsoft game. Besides, it doesn?t hurt to give it a trial.

III. There should be an age limit at which a kid should be allowed the use of airsoft guns. It is best when they are at least 16 years old as they are mature at this age.