10 Airsoft Games that I Love to Play

The most popular airsoft games are usually guaranteeing adrenaline rush. In this article, we would learn many games such as how to play president, cops and robbers, fortress, and many more.

1. Capture the Flag

This game is a favorite one among the airsoft players because it?s very thrilling. Two teams are trying to take the other team?s flag to their base. The flag must be visible for both teams.

There are two variants of this thrilling game: ?Live Flag? and the ?Dead Flag.? The Live Flag works when the flag carrier is shot, and the flag fell from his grip. It is only considered valid when the other player takes the fallen flag.

In the Dead Flag variant, the Flag carrier needs to return it to the enemy?s base upon elimination. This should be done before it will be taken for the second time.

2. Escort the president

Another game that you could play is escorting the president. This works when one team escorts a light-armed person to a location to win the game. Then there?s another team that will try to kill the escort. The escort and the president must be well defended by the other team members because the mechanics of the game includes the other attacking team to be hiding while attacking. This game may seem unfair, but the defensive team must be able to formulate a good defensive strategy when the escorting is going on.

3. Risk

The winner of the game goes to the team or teams who conquered the more posts in 20 minutes. There are four teams with four different colors assigned to them. It could be any four colors, but the usual colors are Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. The four teams can compete with each other, or the two teams could be allies with each other. For example, Red and Blue will compete with Green and Yellow.

4. Sniper

This next game is all about hiding and shooting. The game starts after one player is given two minutes to hide. He is called the sniper because he is carrying a rifle. The rest will find him, and once they do, they will shot him. The sniper will be taken to a checkpoint once he?s found and shot. While he is being taken, he has the right to break free and hide again.

5. Medic

Medic is totally cool. This is a simulation of real military wars or even a realistic video game because there?s the introduction of the medic. He works as a healer. Whenever one player is hit, he must lay down and then the medic goes to him to supposedly heal the player. Once the player is healed, he could join the game again. Both teams have their medic, but both teams have the right to shot the medic. The medic must be protected by his team members because once the medic has been shot, he would not be healed again. With the introduction of the medic, this game becomes longer until everyone is ?killed.?

6. Hostage Rescue

This is also one of the most exciting games because there involves rescuing. There will be players that act as Hostages. The Guards are the ones that prevent the Hostages from escaping while other players are called the Rescuers. These Rescuers will attempt to free the Hostages. Hostages are not allowed to escape. Elimination is the verdict when a hostage tried to escape.

7. Fort Wars

The players are divided into two teams. Both teams have a fort and a flag to defend. The mechanics are to replace the other team?s flag with your own team?s flag. Three players guard the flag. The three players guarding the flag are sent to the enemy jails when they are shot. Once one team was able to successfully replace the other team?s flag with their wins.

8. Demolitions

Two bases are given to two teams for them to defend. A mock explosive is placed in the center. The mechanics are to take the mock explosive to the enemy?s base. The team that successfully planted the mock explosive without being touched in the enemy?s base will win.

9. Fortress

This game is a nostalgic simulation of a medieval siege. Two teams are divided into the ones who will barricade themselves in the fortress while the rest will be the ones attacking the fortress. The winner will be the team with the less team members eliminated.

10. Cops and Robbers

This is a reenactment of the classic modern cops and robbers setting when the cops try to catch the robbers. It is highly recommended for the players to use gas-powered airsoft guns. The teams will re-enact a heated firing between cops and robbers in the streets.

Just for safety purposes, you must follow the strict apparel before playing. Be sure to wear your head and face gear to avoid injuries at these most vulnerable parts of your body especially your eyes. One bullet fired could be fatal to your eyes.

Developing sportsmanship

These games are exhilarating and adrenaline-producing. These games could also be dangerous aside from fun. And everyone must be reminded not to take the game seriously and just have fun.

In the end, the players must be able to develop strong camaraderie values. People who would want to join the military should be playing airsoft because aside from properly handling, cocking, using, and firing a gun, military strategies could also be learned through playing.

Teamwork is necessarily important in airsoft because the games are based on team strategy. Some rules must be set, but the following guidelines should be followed before, during, and after the game. Camaraderie is best understood when one team shares one goal and works accordingly to the best of their ability to get to the goal.


1. Try to get to know the other team individually first if you haven?t met before. This would make it easy for both teams to develop cordial relations no matter the outcome of the game.

2. Ensure that you are wearing the right gear. This has been mentioned before introducing different games, but the importance couldn?t be stressed enough. Wearing the right gear prevents major injuries that may incur.

3. Study the arena that you will be playing at from afar. Locate the best hiding places and the most strategic spots to fire your bullets.

4. Make sure that each of your team?s individual guns is loaded or if they have enough ammo or BBs.

5. Assign a role to each individual in your team. In every team, there must be the commander, the defenders, the attackers, the strategists, and etc. It is best to ask each member which skill have they likely developed because it would be easier to assign them the roles that they are most likely to perform the best.

6. Understand the mechanics of the game properly.

7. And of course, make sure that your guns are properly functioning.


7. Position yourself at a strategic location where you are assigned. Be quick and calculating while you are moving from one area to another.

8. Save and warn your team members during the game. You got each other?s back no matter what.

9. Save your ammo and fire only when you know your range could actually hit the opponent. Do not keep on hitting your opponents especially if they are defended properly.

10, If you are carrying the flag or a heavy gun, put all your strength at your feet to matter what and keep on moving, Do not be caught frozen at your feet.

11. Practice calculated agility during the game.

12. Have fun with the game. Do not take it too seriously because you wouldn?t enjoy it otherwise. Do not play to win, although it might be a motivation. Just play to enjoy.


13. No matter what the outcome of the game, preserve everything. If you won, commend each of your team because this is also a collaborative success. If you?ve lost, this is not the end of the world. Rather, you must congratulate the other team with genuine happiness.

14. Check if you have incurred major and minor injuries. You must also ask your team members if they received injuries from the game. If you did or one of your team members did, immediately get yourselves in the clinic or call an ambulance if someone has incurred a major injury.

15. If you don?t have any injuries, check your gear for damages. Wipe it and then place it back inside its case.

There are more guidelines that aren?t mentioned here, but these are the most important ones that will totally make your experience memorable.