Shoot Better with Airsoft Gun Maintenance

Every Airsofter desires and yearns for just one thing – Get out there have fun, play and enjoy the game! Well, we agree but having a good time playing airsoft games requires preparations ahead of the game and also proper maintenance of the gun.

If you own an airsoft gun, then this is a must read article for you as our goal is to show you how to improve your gun?s life and performance so that it can be enjoyed and used for gaming for years to come. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned pro or a just a beginner in airsoft gaming, having some basic knowledge about airsoft gun maintenance can help you save money, time and frustration.

While reading and learning how to maintain an airsoft gun might seem a little complex, time-consuming and intimidating, you will discover that it?s actually easy and simple to keep your gun performing at its best, lasting for years to come when you finish reading the article.

Cleaning the Barrel of the Airsoft Gun

?A clean barrel is a happy one.?

If you notice that the BBs are drifting vertically when firing a shot from the gun, it?s time that your airsoft gun barrel needs cleaning. A clean, dry and dirt-free barrel give the best performance when shooting. Wondering, how often should you clean the barrel? Well, it all depends on how often you play with it. Usually, an inner barrel should be cleaned quite often than the standard barrel. We suggest you clean the barrel a night before the game. It?s just a 10-minute easy job.

Cut a clean paper towel into rectangular strips such that it easily slide through the loop present on the end of cleaning rod. To ensure proper cleaning of the barrel, spray it with Silicone spray. We are stressing it use 100% Silicone spray and not any low priced petroleum-based oil as that could damage the plastic parts within the gun. When cleaning the barrel make sure the hop-up is turned all the way off to avoid and wear and tear of the hop-up.

Just insert the cleaning rod into the muzzle and spin the rod from left to right to extract all the obstructions and dirt present in the gun. Repeat the process multiple times, until the barrel is clean and nice.

Lubricate the Airsoft Gun

Lubrication is required for any weapon that has moving parts and has friction. We suggest you practice timely lubrication of the airsoft gun to reduce the friction and thereby to reduce the wear and tear of the gun. If you are experiencing consistent jamming or misfeeding, it?s time to lubricate the gun. One can always play with a dirty gun that is sufficiently lubricated, but it is impossible to work with a dirty unlubricated gun. The hop-up and gearbox are airsoft gun components that require lubrication.

Tips for Airsoft Gun Lubrication

? Never make use of water, general cleansers, petroleum lubricants or solvents for lubricating.

? Always use pure silicone based oil spray to lubricate the barrel every six months.

? Be careful as over lubrication of the gun can also damage the seals and bow rings.

Just remove the magazine and fire the gun in semi-auto mode couple of times to ensure that it is free of BBs. Spray silicone oil into the hop by flipping the airsoft gun upside down and leave it like that for some time so that the oil seeps in there. To lubricate the gearbox, remove the motor, find out the small hole present on the bottom of the gearbox and spray silicone oil into and leave it upside down to ensure the oil settles.

Magazine Care

The care of magazines varies and depends on the kind of airsoft gun you are using. If you are using a gas airsoft gun, the magazines should at all times be pressurized to keep all its components perfectly working without causing any damage. In the case of spring and electric airsoft guns, the airsoft guns should be emptied after every use to maintain the spring strength. When using an airsoft gun that does not have a silicone lubricant, add it on a timely basis. Few other important tips to follow when caring for clips and magazines ?

? When using gas guns, never use the release valve to expel the gas as it could freeze the O-ring resulting in gas leakage. A loss in clip pressure causes gun damage.

? To avoid a loading jam or misfires, the clips and magazines must be free from any debris.

? In case you plan to recycle pellets, make sure the airsoft pellets are 100% clean.

? Always empty the magazines after each and every use of the gun.

Unjamming an Airsoft Gun

Every player is likely to experience a jammed airsoft gun, and it could be because of several reasons like dirty or mis-shaped pellets, excess dirt in the barrel excessively tightened up hop, or anything else. If you do not know how to unjam an airsoft gun, it can result in further damage to the weapon.

How to Unjam an Airsoft Gun?

? Stop firing a jammed airsoft gun as it can damage the gear or piston.

? Look through the barrel if there are any objects clogged inside it.

? Turn off the hop and set it to zero.

? Find a cleaning rod that fits well into the barrel of your gun. Use the opposite end of the cleaning rod and slide it into the barrel.

? Take out the magazine, cock the gun again and hold it in the cocked position.

? Jam it up and down till the BB falls off from the magazine hole.

? Test it by firing a couple of shots without ammo, to ensure the airsoft pellet has cleared from the barrel.

? If you feel that the sound of the gun is fine, test it by firing with an airsoft pellet.

Storing an Airsoft Gun

Storing an airsoft gun, just the way you store any other real gun does not hurt, One needs to ensure high-level of safety in storing airsoft guns just similar to what they would when storing a real firearm. This ensures proper care of the airsoft gun and also the safety of other people in the home.

? If you have a huge collection of airsoft guns, choose a particular area in your home where you want to store these guns to keep the confusion at minimal on where your airsoft guns are.

? You should never store an airsoft gun as is if it is loaded or cocked. Ensure that you store magazines and guns in different places to avoid any injuries or mishaps.

? Airsoft guns should always be stored in a clean and dry place, away from the reach of young children at home.

? If you are airsoft gun owner with young kids at home, then we suggest you purchase an actual gun cabinet to store the guns under lock and key at a specific place within the home. In case you cannot afford to buy a display gun cabinet for storage, store the guns in a safe, trunk, or a lockbox.

Taking proper care and maintaining your airsoft gun will let it last for years and keep it free from unnecessary wear and tear.

Maintaining airsoft guns is something everyone neglects, and this is what leads to decreased performance and failures during gameplay. After having read the article, you might have got an idea that cleaning and maintaining Airsoft guns is not that difficult. We assure that following the above guidelines and tips for airsoft gun maintenance will at all times let you experience the fun, thrill, and enjoyment of playing with it and also make sure that your investment is worthwhile and working properly as long as possible.

Just as with a real firearm, having your airsoft gun work just perfectly during the game requires proper maintenance to ensure that your shot hits the competitors accurately. After all, airsoft guns are the most complex replicas of a true firearm. If you fail to care for properly, it can result in malfunctions, misfires, and broken weapon.

Every airsoft gun is different and requires maintenance based on its specifics, so we suggest you read the instruction manual thoroughly for preeminent airsoft gun maintenance. Zero Maintenance is just a myth when it comes to airsoft guns. One cannot afford to throw away the gun when not in use simply. Despite the fact that, all airsoft guns have different working there are a few basic and universal functions that are same and require utmost care and maintenance.

Let us know if you have any issues with your airsoft gun and we will do our best to help you solve them. Also, if you have any questions on what we have put up in this post, shoot us back, and we will always be happy to answer.