We Fought Hard in Game of Airsoft

I have lived all my life in Crow Eye, a county in Texas. Every Christmas holiday, I would visit my uncle and cousins in Georgia- a distance I loved and always looked forward to covering, and always worth it each time. I usually went with my dad, mum and my kid sister, Clara. Last year Christmas was kind of boring though, we missed our flight due to weather conditions, and we couldn?t make it to my uncles? house for Christmas.

The next holiday, dad, mum, Clara and I set for the journey, and I was happy we could make it this time. My cousin Harry had told me much about what I had missed last year over on the phone and how he missed me greatly. He had also informed me about this new playground created in their neighborhood for play; it was a big place for children and even adults to play the game of Airsoft. It is a competitive team shooting sport in which participants shoot opponents with spherical plastics launched via replica air weapons called Airsoft gun.

It is commonly compared to paintball, which is recreational shooting sport similar in concept but with many key important differences. Unlike paintball (which a paintball gun would use), Airsoft pellets do not typically mark their target, and hits are not always visibly apparent. The game relies heavily on a kind of honor system. They could also raise their hands to show that they had been hit.

?I have played paintball games, but Airsoft game, I cannot wait to play,? I said to him.

On arrival, my uncle?s wife welcomed us. The environment was so cool, and the feeling of Christmas was in the air. More importantly, I was happy to see my cousins Harry and Tyson.

?You haven?t changed that much since two years,?? Harry said.

?So have you,? I replied.

We embraced, and he took me to his room that we usually shared whenever I came around. We go straight to chatting about happenings in our respective places. He told me about his classmate who used to bully him but was disgraced when he played a prank on him in front of their other classmates. Since then he had stopped bullying him.

He explained the prank he played on him, and it was so funny that we laughed for a very long time. It was not until they called us for dinner that we came out of the room and joined the others.

The next morning, my cousin and I went out to the new playing ground, to play the Airsoft game. Harry had a couple of friends with whom he played. Going out there with them to play was my first time in airsoft, but because I had played paintball game a couple of times, I knew what to do.

I was on my cousin?s team when I played the first time. I got shot so easily on different occasions, and our opponents won that day. It was fun, but the feeling of losing didn?t make it go well. I wasn?t too happy, but Harry kept me up.

?It was only your first-time coz,? he said.

The next day, we went swimming at a beach close to us; it was a family time out. Dad, Mum, Clara, Uncle Drew and his wife, Tyson, Harry and I all went with them. I wasn?t feeling much of the fun there, and all my mind was in the Airsoft game we lost. I said to myself that the next game would be intense and I would not be getting shot so easily, and we won?t be losing. So, I prepared my mind on how best to avoid being shot so easily, I learned some few hiding tricks on Youtube, and I was set.

It was another game day, we were set to play, and I was on my cousin?s team as usual. He was also ready. Coincidentally, his classmate who used to bully him was among our opponents this time.

?We?ve got to win,? he said. We were six on each team, and the game began.

I shot one of our opponents while two of our mates had been shot and out. After hours of maneuvering on the playground, it was now two against two, my cousin and I on our team and the bully guy and a teammate.

?We must win,? my cousin told me again. At this point, I knew how much this game meant to my cousin and me, and it was more than just a game; it was for pride and honor.

My cousin and I drew a plan to fetch the enemies out of their hiding places. Little did we know that they had crawled to our back.

I screamed. ?Take cover, the enemy on the tail? but my notice was too late; Harry couldn?t make for the cover before he got shot, making me the only one left in my team against two that remained of our opponents.

?You suck at everything Harry,? the bully guy said with pride. ?I?m winning this again.?

Those words got me angry that I decided to win the game by all cost and by that, in my cousin?s pride back.

I started to plan on the best way to approach the rest of the game. I needed to be careful. They could trick me out and lure me out by playing bait, and I couldn?t let that happen. I needed to be able to determine where each of them was at any time. They could double team against me and come from both sides at once; for that, I couldn?t expose my flanks. After much thought, I decided I had a good position and decided to maintain it. Then I wanted to make sure that I left them no choice than to think that their only option to get me is by playing the bait game. If they did, they would be playing just right into my hands.

Lucky for me they got frustrated and went for bait game. The bully hid at 4 o?clock while his teammate showed me his side as if he was not on guard, thinking I would come for him. Instead, I went for the bully guy who thought I wouldn?t be coming for him. I shot him before he realized it and that movement exposed the other guy more, and I shot him from close range.

My teammates were so happy, especially my cousin. No one was happier than I was that day.