I tried the Airsoft Sniper Rifle and We Dominated the Game

I had just found a good spot to hide while I try to make where the enemies were on the battlefield. I was not so familiar with the base yet. Although it was a good field, with lots of places to hide, I had to take it a bit slow. Brown was at the left side hiding behind a tree and trying to mark the enemies too.

We were playing catch the flag and, we had come to secure the perimeter for the team coming behind us to carry the flag across safely. We got up after shooting a few enemies and moved beside the flag to mark it for our team coming behind, and then we got going again. We needed not to stop just at the flag. Our first priority was to push the enemies back so that they would not get close enough to the flag. The game was moving so fast, even though we were trying to be careful.

I had a good sniper rifle with good range, and that makes me able to take enemies down from a considerable distance. I went on my chest on the ground on some heap of sand and cut shrubs. I looked through my telescope as I tried to focus on the movement I was seeing. The enemies were closer than we had thought. But not very many of them now.

?I think I can make out a lot of activities over there,? I pointed with two fingers toward where I had seen the movements. ?Do you see anything?? I asked him.

?Yea? I can make about two at the left tree and two?. Wait? three more at the right, just behind the broken table. Another one is coming to join the guys,? Brown said.

?Ok?. I will take those on the right side, and you take your left.?

But then as I was saying that, I saw an enemy running towards us ?that must be the one he was talking about, he was not running to join his guys he was coming for the flag’ I said to myself. I decided to take him out first, even though I was sure he had not made us.

?I?m out!? he screamed the moment he was hit. That sold us out to the others, and they tried to hide and started shooting. Though they could not tell at the time where the shooting was coming from, they knew we were on to them, and they needed to readjust themselves.

Brown shot one of his targets, leaving him with one on the left flank.

One thing about this particular game was that one could get shot as many times, and still stay alive with a medic?s touch. As long as the medic is not dead himself or not too far away to hear you, a touch is what brings you back alive.

So, just as you protect yourself, you try to protect the medic too. We had our medic right behind us. He does less shooting and more scouting and making sure that we stay alive in the game by just a gentle touch each time we were ?injured.?

I shot one more enemy but, I had attracted their attention and taking lots of shots. Brown had joined me from the angle where he set up, and he took out the rest of the guys down with me. When everywhere seemed clear we moved deeper into the enemy?s territory.

?I?ve got movement at 2 o?clock,? Brown said.

We went down, and I crawled into a small bush and hid once more. You could have thought I was one with that small dusty brown brush. I shot a couple of them before they started to reply with their own shooting. They did not make me out exactly, but they shot everywhere instead. This time I was comfortable as I took them down one after the other. Then, just at a moment one of them pointed my way, and they started to shoot.

?I?m taking heavy shots,? I said to the medic.

Just as I was reporting my situation, I got hit and screamed for the medic. He crawled to where I was; the shooting was much now, and he had to stay down. He touched me, and I was good to go once more. Then a few seconds later I have shot again, screamed for a medic and was made okay once more. And for the third time.

?These guys are reinforcing,? Brown said. He was getting wounded and calling for a medic as I was too.

?I think we need to move from here and get a safer place,? I informed him.

I crawled from the shrub and stood up to make a run for the tree with a huge outer root that could make a cover for me. Though not much and it didn?t hide me just enough since they had followed my movement as I crawled to the tree.

Brown and I got hit at the same time. ?Dead,? I announced the moment I was shot. They had shot our medic too, leaving us vulnerable to getting killed all the time. We had to go back to the beginning to start the run again before the enemies reached the flag.

It took us fewer seconds than earlier for us to get to where the flag was and passed it. I went down on the ground, found a good spot and started to shoot at them. I got a few of them, each raising up his hand before they made us and started to shoot at us again. ?Dead,? once more we both announced. We went back to the beginning like before.

This time around the enemies was closer to the flag than earlier. I decided I needed to find another angle to shoot them from so, and I moved away from the angle I was shooting from before.

I moved inside a shrub and shot them, holding them back for as long as we could shoot, and we did for another 7 minutes, which was a good thing for the team.

At the end, the team came to secure the flag, when we had held the enemy long enough and ?killed? almost every one of them.