This Airsoft Battle was Different, The Generals were Watching

Captain Barbara looked around at all of us and smiled. “One way to solve this problem once and for all is to battle it out in an Airsoft game,” she said.

We all looked at each other in surprise. I thought it was a wonderful idea but also weird. I am sure that most of us had played Airsoft before and that would even make it more competitive.

We are recruits in the army, and we had divided into two groups- ten members in each group. The best people from each group have the chance to get the promotion to the Special Forces training where the best of the best emerge from.

We had been tested in many different ways to see the best. For three solid weeks, each group had the same score points in all the missions and assignments given to us. That fact had even made the trainers frustrated. Every day, they keep hoping for the winner to emerge, even if it is by a point.

“This airsoft game will be based on scores. Each person who gets shot in a group gives ten points to the other group.”

Some of us groaned and murmured. I must confess that the airsoft game would produce the winner this time around. There was simply no way that we would have the same scores. There would definitely be a winner and a loser, and I didn’t intend to be on the losing side.

“So, the battle will hold at the Hawkins Airsoft Center in five days. Get ready. Deliberate with your team members and prepare diligently. You will have only yourself to blame if you lose.”

The Captain left and immediately, each team member met with the others. I was the vice team leader in my team, and like we had done several times before, the ten of us sat on a round table and made our plans.

Of the ten of us, only one person, Adam, had never played airsoft before but since he was familiar with the gameplay of paintball, we were able to explain to him how airsoft worked.

We made plans to do some practice, at least twice before the main event. We chose the days that we wanted to do the practice and committed ourselves to it.

We held the practice in the same location that the main battle would take place. We did this to familiarize ourselves with the place since it would be an added advantage for us. We divided ourselves into two groups of five members each.

The first practice was wonderful. We all used the skills we had to battle. With that practice, we were able to create different strategies and make plans and deliberate on how to set traps for the opponents.

In the second practice, we changed our formations and mixed things up. By the time we were done, we felt we were good to go. Barring any surprise from the opposition, I was confident that my team would win the battle.

I kept wondering about what the other team was planning. One would have expected them to practice in the same place that we had, but I didn’t see any sign of them. Perhaps, they had practiced somewhere else.

In any battle, one advantage is knowing what your opponent has planned against you and then using it against them. However, we had no such opportunity which meant we had to make do with our plans and strategies.

The day of the battle arrived, and although I didn’t know about the others, I was ready.

I joined the other guys at the Hawkins Airsoft Center where our superiors were already on the seat. Several generals were also there to watch.

This airsoft battle was different. The generals would be watching everything on a big screen since there were many cameras on the arena.

The arena was where the battle would take place, and it was a large area that contained a lot of tall trees and rocks. It was a forest that was converted to the airsoft use.

The management of the establishment had assured us that there were no wild animals in the area which made us laugh out loud. We were given a few minutes to have talks with our team members.

The team leader and I reminded the others about the strategies that we had created. We made everyone talk about his position and what each person was supposed to do. It was a well-known fact that during planning time like this, the opponent was fond of listening in to the other?s plans, so we set someone as the lookout to make sure that no one was listening to us.

The battle soon began, and we all entered the arena. We walked in through one entrance, and the opponents entered through another entrance. Everyone in my team went to his set position.

As planned, the team leader and I led the assault. Soon, the opponents began to shoot at us. We dived behind logs of wood as airsoft pellets flew over our heads. We began to move back towards our line, pretending like we were scared.

The opponents fell for the ruse, and four of them chased after us. Suddenly, the guy who acted as our sniper took out two of the opponents and two grenades took out the remaining two: four down, six remaining.

Two guys from our side went to the flanks of the opponents as planned. Their job was to fire at the opponents from behind. I checked out the opponents? side through the scope of my gun and saw the face of one of the opponents. I fired and took him out. The others bent their heads and disappeared.

I suddenly had an idea, and although it was dangerous, it could help us win the battle. I informed the others about the plan. It was like suicide if they got me before I reached their side that was all.

I braced myself, took two grenades and ran towards the opponents? line. They began to fire at me, but miraculously, none of the airsoft pellets touched me. I threw the two grenades towards them and dived away.