Planning Airsoft Game for Holiday


During last Christmas, we had all concluded on playing airsoft this Christmas, and we had made preparations over the phone on how to go about it without our parents’ knowledge.

Presently, the rest of the family were upstairs dressing up for a church fundraising dinner that we all attend every year while we were in the living room. There was an expectant look on everyone’s faces, and even I couldn’t wait for them to leave the house.

“Di we have to wait till they leave? We can slip out now without their knowledge, you know?” Hakeem said, rather loudly.

Hakeem was just twleve years old, and he was easily the youngest of us all.

“Hush!” I said as I could already hear footsteps.

“Are you guys sure you don’t want to go with us?” Grandma said, as soon as they all go downstairs.

“Yes, Grandma,” we all said in unison.

“Wait!” Dad said, eyeing us suspiciously, “I can smell conspiracy right here.”

“Can we get going, please? All I can smell right now is the steak we are going to be eating at the fundraising,” Grandpa said.

We all held our breath as they walked out of the living room to the cars.

“They are gone now,” Leila said, two minutes after they had driven off.

We all rushed to the window to be really sure that they really have left. Once we’ve confirmed that they’ve left, we quickly rushed to the basement to get the airport guns. We’ve seen Grandpa and his friends shoot with it enough times to understand how it worked. Each of us took one airsoft gun and left the house. The cook and butler were all on vacation so no one would ever know that we left the house.

“Where are we going to go?” Drake asked.

“There is an open field just down the street over there,” I replied.

“Don’t you think we should ask for permission from the owner of the property? Jamal asked as soon as we got to the open field. The trees were supposed to serve as hideouts for players to hide.

I shook my head. “No, we don’t need to. After all, we are just going to be there for a few hours.”

“Here are the glasses and masks,” I passed the bag that contained the materials to Leila who took hers and pasted it to the next person.

“I want to be on Jaden’s team!” Hakeem announced.

“It’s not going to work that way,” Leila said.

“Why?’ Hakeem asked.

“We are five. We can’t possibly divide ourselves into groups.”

“That’s true,” I told Hakeem, “we can only try to eliminate each other till the last person standing wins.”

“No problem, then,” Hakeem said, pulling his mask and goggles on.

Everyone had two minutes to hide, and we all spread out in the open field before the game started.

Within minutes, Leila had taken Jamal down, and Leila was in turn taken down by Hakeem. The competition was no between Drake, Hakeem and I.

I missed Drake by inches while Hakeem took him down just seconds later. After ten more minutes of dodging and shooting by Hakeem and me, I finally emerged victoriously.

“Let’s go another round,” Leila said immediately we concluded the first round.

“We still have twenty minutes before their arrival. I say we should go another round,” Drake said.

I had just taken Drake down when I suddenly heard a loud siren sound. It kept growing closer and closer that it couldn’t be ignored. The neighborhood was a very quiet one and cops hardly ever came there. I was still thinking about this when…

“HANDS UP, EVERYONE!” a loud booming voice said.

“What?” I said, surprised.

“HANDS UP!” the voice said again, more sternly this time.

I quickly dropped my gun, raised my hands in the air, and I could see others do the same.

At that moment, six cops with scary looking guns advanced towards us cautiously. One of them packed our guns, and it was then that relaxed.

“What have we done?” I asked, thinking about how we were going to be able to get home in time before our family got back.

The cops kept mute instead, and they led us out of the field into their awaiting van where there were still, at least four cops.

“But we aren’t criminals,” Hakeem said, defiantly.

“We received intelligence that unsupervised and indiscriminate shooting is going on down here and we got here to discover that it true,” one of the cops said.

It was then that the reason behind the arrest dawned on me.

“What? Are you serious??” Leila said angrily and put down her hands, “the last time I checked, airsoft shooting is legalized in this country.”

Taking the initiative from Leila, I also put down my hands.

“Yes. How dare you arrest us when we’ve done nothing wrong.:

“You mean these are not real guns?” the cop carrying all the guns said, eyeing them suspiciously.

“You shouldn’t be a cop if you can’t differentiate between a real gun and an airsoft one,” Hakeem said.

“Yes. The poor boy is right,” I heard a familiar voice say, and we all turned back.

Alas, our whole family were right there behind us. Grandpa was fixing the cops with a very dangerous look, and they all seemed to be shaking under his gaze. Mum gave me a look that told me that I was already screwed, but I didn’t mind.

“We are in trouble,” Drake muttered.

“I would collect my grandchildren now. Thank you,” Grandpa said and motioned for us to follow him.