I Excused the Airsoft Game when I got Shot

We have been losing quite a lot of important matches lately. Well, not so much but we only accumulated 7 points out of 15, in 5 games which for a teaming looking to win the league, is very low and disappointing. Coach sent an email this morning that we will be going for a team bonding field trip during the weekend break. The coach can be full of tricks, and I wonder what he has in mind right now.

?Did you know about the trip?? I asked Bash, the team captain and also my best friend.

?Yeah, but I don?t know where we’ll be going to exactly,” He responded.

?Coach never disappoints though, he sure knows how to have fun,” I concluded. And this was true. In our last outing, we actually went to make a movie. We came up with the movie concept during the trip, we met some directors and few other crews at the camp, and we did a short impromptu movie which we all saw during our trip back home. It was a classic!

“What’s up, guys?” Jerry said as he stepped into the bus, looking like he hadn’t got much sleep during the night. He is our number 7, the winger. ?So who else are we waiting for??

?Coach, and he’s already here,? Bash said as he jumped down to go help coach with the box in his hands.

“Howdy boys?” The coach said as he stepped on the bus. “Try not to make enemies because you might just get the chance to shoot them.” Coach concluded as he sat right at the entrance, and the bus began to move.

?Get a chance to shoot them?? We all looked at ourselves puzzled, except Bash. I think he as found out where we’ll be going to.

?Yo… where are we going to?? I moved towards the head of the bus, closer to bash. Ade also moved closer to hear what Bash had to say.

?It is an airsoft weekend camp. It is really cool. We would team up, dress like the military and go into the jungle to hunt. With guns. I saw the YouTube videos and its cool.”

With a sigh of relief, Ade jumps back to his seat and bent towards his left to tell the others.

Coach really didn?t disappoint.

We got there quite late as every other team was set. Coach is an emperor of late coming, so it was understandable.

We all got down from the bus and were directed into a tent. While we all hastily got dressed, the instructions were read out to us by a black bald and huge man. About 6’7, he was wearing a military trouser different from ours which was red and green in a camouflage pattern, while he was the normal military color. He had a whistle around his neck which made him seem like the referee of this game.

Most of us were dressed by the time he was done with the rules, and no one had any questions.

“I won’t be there with you, so Y’all better ask your questions now and don’t let me down. I placed a high stake on your heads.” Yeah, the coach also gambles and it seems to work pretty well for him, he is actually known to place bets on his team winning with huge stakes, and it seems investors loved a good risk taker.

We headed out to join the other team, and the rules were simple. Shoot anyone not on your team, Respectfully excuse the game when you?ve been shot at (really important rule), and the team with the highest members alive wins after 45 minute. There are cameras around which is supposed to monitor our activities during the game so no one could cheat.

?Guys, my ass is on the line here. Make me proud.? Bash said as he made a dramatic turn to run out of the camp ? like the movies ? before coach pulled him back for a generic formation plan at least.

“A half-baked plan is better than no cake at a birthday party,” He would say.

We went in with our football 1-4-4-2 formation, with the 2 strikers leading the team, the four midfielders shielding the 4 defenders and 1 keeper.

?If we play it right, we hold our line, and we make sure they concede, 5 (4 defenders and 1keeper) is better than nothing,” Bash said as he slowly turned out of the tent this time.

We went in and waited for the fight to come to us. We were new, so it wasn’t such a bad tactic. Suddenly, Tim, one of our strikers broke his line after spotting an enemy close. This caused Jake, the second striker to also leave his line. Soon, they both disappeared into enemy territory, and well got shot. This created a cleft in our plan, and while we wear trying to adapt, we got surrounded, and it was over. Just like in our recent matches, it was all over before we could even get the hang of it. We all came out with a long face, thinking of how we disappointed coach again. But coach, on the other hand, met us with a smile on his face.

?Y’all made me lose my bet again, but luckily, I found the crack. Let’s go get lunch.” He said as he turned and waved his hand in the sky for us to follow him.

Even though we weren?t sure of what he figured out, we all smiled and followed him. Except for Bash who was still furious at Tim for breaking the line, and for Jake who follows