Making Money Playing Airsoft

He was only seventeen when he happened to meet a gang at school who use to do small transgressions just for the sake of fun. The gang was based on four friends three boys and one girl when Mike joined them as their fifth member. He was an athlete in the junior athletes’ team at school and was one of the famous guys in his class.

The school was built several years ago by a local philanthropist however now for extracurricular activities; it was dependent upon the aid from the local booster club. Even the types of equipment like player jerseys, shoes, and safety tools were lacking, and players would have to compromise their safety while practicing in the play yards.

This thing had made Mike a little tough and more self-believer. People called him a self-oriented and self-obsessed person, however, Mike used to call it, jealous epitomic reactions from his haters as they cannot reach his level. No matter what, he was not a very lovable boy in his community of classmates and players due to his arrogant and blunt attitude. He never cared for the injuries in the game, yet people regard it as they feel like Mike enjoys hurting him.

His coach, Mr. Arnold never hated this guy, in fact, he was extra nice to him. It was not because Mike was the shining and brilliant player of his team, but he liked the honest and promising attitude towards hardships that never made him stop.

Mr. Arnold still remembers when one winter evening, they had a practice race and no player showed up due to severe cold in the town except Mike. He not only came but also completed his race practice alone. He was running fast with timer watch hanged around his neck. He was someone who used to make his goals, achieve them, and polishes himself no matter if there is some competitor or not. Mike once said a human is always his own competition, and the others are just spectators to cheer or hate you. And this is what makes him different than everyone else at school.

However, Mike?s attitude was more like a villain than a hero. He was so arrogant to talk and very rude to sit with. Girls despite his charming personality used to keep a distance from him. Boys, even of his age and squad used to talk to him only when it was needed the most. Even teachers couldn?t stand his attitude and keep ignoring his rude fun during class.

His personal life was not any different. He was two brothers and one sister, one widowed mother and a grandmother he used to call Nana. The only person he was comfortable in a family with was his Nana. She used to talk to him regarding his daily routine, his day at school, activities he did, either he made any friends or not, is there any girl in school he likes, and with all of this, if he is doing all right. He used to talk to her about everything and at least once in a day he used to spend time with her. Nana can scold him and beat him lovingly, and Mike was never rude to her.

On the other hand, he was at a vast distance from his siblings and his mother, and there was no fun activity at home he was invited to, except for Nana’s birthday. He has thrice beat his younger brother, once frightened to death to her sister and never talked openly with his mother or elder brother. It was not like they never loved each other, but there was some kind of cold vibes between them that never let them feel free and comfortable around each other. Nana was the person who used to go on the PTMs at school because his mother has to work from dawn to dusk to meet the budget for the family.

When Mike Joined Grieg?s Gang:

As there was no friend or acquaintance of Mike at school thus, he used to spend most of his team after class in the playground while practicing for his race. He was very fast and had huge stamina. He not only used to practice on the flat ground at school but also on the nearby steep surfaces like hills. On the abrupt decks of hills, he fell, injured, and wounded many times yet never stopped. One such afternoon, he was coming back from school; he filled his bag with lots of stones to make it heavier and took a steep path towards home. He was running and dodging the abruptions on his way when he found four people shouting, dancing, and playing with each other on a mount to hand.

He ignored them as he used to do for everything when he listened to a girls shouting at him, hey boy come here, first, he ignored the voice but when she again said the same thing, turned his head towards the group. They were four. One boy standing with arms scissor together, one boy was sitting on the ground with hands on the floor on his back and legs out, one guy was standing with the girl having arm around his neck and girl waving at him just when he turned; all staring at him, in a different way than usual.

First, he decided to ignore them but then the usual arrogant attitude never let him do so, his heart beat fast to warn him like there was something wrong, but he as usual ignored it. He started taking confident steps towards the group. When he approached them, the girl looked at him and said, I saw you were filling your bag with stones and then taking them somewhere, what you are going to do with them.

Mike was so astonished to find that eight pairs of eyes were following him without his knowledge.

Well, this is my practice for the race, replied to him while thinking.

What sort of race? The boy standing across the girl asked?

What? he was about to say something rude when the senior member of the group with the beard and big hairs said, and you are an athlete at Simpson high school right?

Mike bent his eyes and said yeah? the eyes were astonished or irritated one couldn?t figure out.

I know you are famous for hurting yourself and others at school, boy sitting on the ground laughed out loud and girl and other boy joined him in his laughter too.

What do you guys want? Mike this time said in an irritating voice.

Easy homey, the bearded guy said and asked him to leave.

Mike when, he was about to go, suddenly turned and asked, what you guys are up to?

All three of them astonishingly looked at him?

It’s not your business. You can leave? this time the bearded guy was astonished, but when he was moving back, he saw the girl and the guy doing weed. Mike had listened about weeding however never saw someone of his age in his area doing this. He got a chill in his spine even he was not so against in hurting himself. Instead of moving back to his running business he joined them again and said, I WANT WEED?

The guy on the floor stood up and made a punch, but beard guy stopped him.

I don’t get addicted? Mike said that with a sharp voice and bright, intelligent eyes.

Aha, said the bearded guy and gave him his packet after talking money.

Mike right away opened the pack, sat on a stone and took the whole white powder in his mouth.

With one inhale, it feels like something is burning and he felt so hot, he stood up and started running between the hills at a speedy rate. After a continuous thirty minutes run; Mike came back and sat on the same stone.

How did it feel? Asked the guy again;

Strange; Mike replied.

Do you want to earn? The guy asked again.

How? How can I earn? Asked Mike


Making Money Playing Airsoft

I am Grieg, this is Monty, Nova, and that?s Stephanie, and we are professional Airsoft players, earn money through playing and then spend it just the way we want. Mike had listened about Airsoft game before. It is a shooting sport played with spherical plastic projectiles by using guns called airsoft. This air weapons shooting game doesn?t injure someone however if it hit the bare skin, can make it red and irritated for several minutes.

It is played in teams and the players who get a shot of projectile, it is his ethical obligation to walk out of the game no matter if the shot is visible or not, or if someone has seen it or not.

You can join our team because I know you are not afraid of small wounds that someone gets during games.

I am in, said Mike and then did the handshake with the whole group.

Welcome to Grieg?s gang.


Playing Airsoft on Weekend:

The coming weekend was decided for the game, however, Mike required aiming and shooting practice before it hence he was invited to the gang’s meeting place. Next day, he reached there after school. He was excited. There while practicing, he finds out about the money and phone snatching done by the gang for the sake of fun and money.

No matter how rude or villainy Mike was, he never liked snatching and robbing as he has lost his father in one of such events. Smith Wilson was a cope and died during a raid at a gang. Grieg observed his changed expressions but said nothing.

On the day of the match, strangely, Mike was offered with a strange gun, different than the others were using. When he asked Grieg replied that you are the new member and this s a new version of the airsoft weapon. He said we would make our targets and each person will shoot a specific person of the opponent team. Mike has to shot a black guy. On the first half of the game, nobody was shot.

During the second half when Mike made his shot, he saw that there were original projectiles in his gun made with iron having original and genuine explosives inside. The first ever aim was failed. When Mike came to understand the whole plan, he was stunned. However, he decided to leave the game, but Grieg was behind him with a TT gun in his hands.

You cannot leave, and you must shoot that black guy, he put his gun on Mike?s ribs. Mike?s love for danger never let him feel confused now he decided to knock him down with the hit of his elbow on his nose. Grieg fell back, but at that moment Stephanie hit him with thick wood. The aim was dogged, and instead of the head, he got the hit on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, sirens of the police car were ringing, and he saw copes running towards them.

Mike was so frightened to be arrested when he saw Professor Millar and Professor Arnold approaching him. The police arrested Grieg and his mates but left Mike. On asking, Mr. Arnold told him that group is the biggest drug dealer of the town and they were using him. Millar found it out and told Arnold about it, and they called and brought the copes here.

Due to Millar’s fast friendship with the sergeant, they believed for Mike not being involved in drug dealing and thus, this whole event of Playing Airsoft on Weekend and Having Fun reached to its end.