I got my Airsoft Guns and Entered the Arena Ready for Battle.


I had excelled more than any other of my friends in airsoft battle.

Thinking about the airsoft battles always brought back a lot of memories. I was exceptionally good at the game. My other friends were always fighting each other to be in my team, and that was because my team never lost.

I had been so good in the game that many people, even I, had concluded that I was going to join the army. I was superb in creating battle tactics and strategies. However, I hadn?t bothered to join the army, especially after the first son of our neighbor died. He had been in the army, and he had been shot while on duty.

I focused on college instead. In college, I was also able to excel in the game whenever I and the guys and ladies in my team went for the game. I won each of the battles that I participated in and even had prizes and awards to show for it.

After college, I didn?t get the chance to play anymore due to a hectic work schedule. Now, I had gotten the invitation again, and I began to think about getting a little vacation and also use the opportunity to visit my parents.

It was also another opportunity to play the airsoft game again. Many of the close friends I had and who had attended every reunion told me of some guys in our set who bounded together and challenged the others to airsoft battle after each reunion. For five years now, no one could beat them.

The sad part was that the guys in question were the ones who were always bullying the rest of us back in school back then. To see that although they were more mature but were still finding ways to defeat us, rankles and to make matters worse, I heard that they had wanted me to come down to Dallas and show if I could still win an airsoft battle as I used to when I was in school.

I smiled devilishly. Although I hadn?t participated in any airsoft battle for almost eight years now, I knew that I?ve still got it and I was capable of defeating those guys. I told myself that I would attend this year?s reunion.

I called my secretary and explained everything to her. I also told her to call my second in command, who was also my cousin, whenever she had a problem that she couldn?t handle. She made the reservations for me to travel to Dallas and I packed everything I needed.

In Dallas, I took a taxi to my parent?s place. It was where my siblings and I had been raised, and the place was always full of happy memories. My parents were very happy to see me, especially my mom. She had been on my neck to get married for a long time since I was the only one of all her children who were still single and without kids. We had a wonderful dinner.

The next morning, I drove my dad?s car to the reunion. Returning to the school brought back a lot of memories. Walk down the halls and around the school brought a feeling deja vu. Meeting my former schoolmates was great.

After the reunion, the guys got into their cars, and we all drove to the airsoft center. I had won a lot the game here when I was a teenager. The place had different settings. The most preferred by many players was the forest settings, which was a real forest, but without the wild animals. There were very tall trees, among which you could hide.

I was told that the center was even more advanced now, compared to when I was still here. Now, everyone had on a suit that could record the number of shots that a person got and that would help to determine the winner at the end of the day. I loved this idea. Usually, in airsoft, one would need to depend on the player, to tell the truth about if he or she was shot or not, at the end of the game.

I was paired with some of my closest friends so that there were five members in each team. The other team comprised of all the guys who used to bully us while we were in school. One of them had told me that my past glory in the airsoft game was a past occurrence and would never happen again, especially now that they were on a five-year winning run.

Soon, the game began as more of our classmates came to watch. We all got our airsoft guns and poured into the arena. I shared my tactics with my other teammates. By following the strategy, we were able to set a lot of traps for the opponents.

At the end of the airsoft game, none of my team members had been touched in any way, but we had gotten all of the opponents. They were surprised, and that was how we stopped their winning run. They vowed to revenge the following year.