Simulation Battle with Airsoft Guns

I was with my guy’s training in the gym and chatting with my friends. We were talking about the soccer game that the higher-ups had planned for my squad and other squads. The squad that wins was supposed to stay away from domestic duties at the base.

In case you are wondering who I am and which squad I am talking about, I am part of a new Special Forces team that has worked together with several law enforcement agencies. When they face a threat that seems too tough for them to handle, they call on us to help them solve it.

We had been handpicked from several places that included the army, the navy, air force, and many other law enforcement agencies. We were all taken to a large base where we do our training. There were twenty of us, and we were all divided into four groups of five members each.

Our training is pretty intensive, but since we were supposed to be the best of the best, we didn?t complain and did our training with pleasure. We often had several competitions among the four squads. There was table tennis, football, volleyball, and so on. We were also on a points system, and currently, we are leading the rest of the teams with a big score.

Our overall point was 200 while the point of the second group was around 120 and the remaining two groups both had 80 each. I could say I was very lucky and this was because I seem to have the best guys in my team or perhaps, it was great teamwork.

We were chatting in the gym about the last basketball game where we beat our opponent 60 to 40 when our CO walked inside. We all jumped up and stood at attention and on a straight line.

?It?s good to see you all working out with passion. Perhaps, that is why you boys have been doing fine in recent weeks. Well, as your last competitive game on this base, you are going to be competing against experienced soldiers in a battle simulation.?

We all looked at each other shyly and smiled. We had been waiting for this chance for a long time. It had been said that before we leave our training base for the real world, we would have to face off against experienced men and women who had been too real battles.

?I can see that you are excited. Well, don?t be,? the CO said. ?You know why? No team has ever won against these experienced soldiers, and I am very sure that you want too. Anyway, there is a huge bonus for any team that manages to win. The winner gets a massive 200 points while the losers get zero.?

Our eyes widened in surprise when we all heard this. It was both great and bad.

?You know what this means, don?t you?? the CO said. ?If you lose and another team wins, you can kiss your 200 points goodbye. Now, listen, I am your CO and like I told you, none of the guys I tutor have ever won or even had the chance of winning, until you people. I need this win which means you have to do your best not to lose.

?Anyway, the battle is airsoft. You are going to be battling with airsoft guns, and we have special suits to help track anyone who has been hit. Once you are hit, you get out of the game. You are going to be supplied with all the real guns you need but without live bullets of course.

?A team loses when all the members of that team get hit. Now, I want you to go and prepare more. Surprise me and make me happy, alright? The battle is on the weekend. It will be the last game you play on the base before you go out in the real world. So, make it count!?

Immediately the CO left, we all got together and began to deliberate about our plans. Since I was the team leader, I suggested that we train with paintballs. The rest of the guys agreed, and we set a time that we would go. I made the reservations in paintball center that I used to frequent.

We all met there three days before the main battle, and we battled against some friends who were there for main entertainment. We were serious guys, and we were there because we had a large object in mind. We easily took out the friends without any hit to any of us.

Another group was impressed. They were the reigning champion in the place. We easily took them out too. Then the manager offered gifts to any group that would beat us. We took out all of them very easily.

As we beat them, we used the opportunity to make up different strategies that we would use to win the airsoft battle. After the battles, a lady walked up to us and asked if we were soldiers and we confirmed it.

?I knew it!? she exclaimed. ?No wonder you were able to beat up everyone.?

The main day came, and we were deployed into a thick forest that also had buildings in it. The twenty of us would battle twenty teams of experienced soldiers. However, each team was placed in different corners of the forest and so were the opponents too. Several cameras transmitted what was happening to the higher-ups. We were informed that some high ranking Generals and Colonels were also there to watch. That made us more determined to win.

Soon, we began. I led my team into the forest, our eyes focused and very sharp. With hand signals, I directed through our several strategies. Soon, we found our first three enemies, and we quietly took them out with our airsoft guns. I had one of my team members on a tree covering us with his sniper gun.

About an hour later, my team had taken out twelve of the enemy, but I lost the sniper and another guy, and then the game ended. We found out that we won since the other teams had all been taken out by the opponents.

No one was happier than our CO who took us out to drinks. We broke the record of the base with 400 points.