Airsoft fun on weekend

My brothers didn?t know that Mark was a soldier so they made a mistake by thinking they could cause a lot of problems for him in airsoft. Ever since the time I was in college, whenever I bring home a boyfriend, my brothers would invite him to a game of airsoft.

They were always charming when doing the invitation but terrifying whenever the game begins. I had lost a lot of boyfriends because of this. The guys all gave my brothers several names, which included wicked fellows, and thugs.

I confronted my brothers once, and they told me that they were merely testing each of the guys and they were certain that the one who stays after they ?punish? them is the right guy for me.

I always tried my best to warn the guys that followed me home never to take up my brother?s challenge, but none of them ever listened. The airsoft game was usually three against three. They always brought three of their friends along so that my four brothers will fight it out with any of the boyfriend I brought and their three friends.

None of my boyfriends? group ever won. I always suspected sabotage from my brothers? friends or from my brother who is in the same team with my boyfriends. This is because, at the end of each game, my boyfriends always had the most hits.

Anyway, now that Mark was coming to my house to visit my family for the first time, I told him everything he needed to expect from each member of my family. When I talked about my bothers? invitation to the airsoft game, he only smiled.

I invited my boyfriend over to visit my parents. They have always wanted to know the guy I was dating, and they wanted to access the kind of person who intended to marry their precious daughter. I was the last of five children and the only female among them so I was pampered a lot by my brothers and parents and they were very protective of me.

Mark was a captain in the US Army while I worked as a nurse. We had met when he and some of his friends brought in one of their colleagues who had had an accident after drinking and driving. Mark had taken charge of everything, and he had refused to go home until he was sure that the wounded guy was okay.

We got to talking since I was the nurse assigned to Mark?s friend. We talked about a lot of things, and we connected when we found out how easy we could communicate with each other. When the wounded guy was enough to return home, Mark had invited me to dinner in appreciation for taking good care of his friend, and we had been dating ever since.

My parents were aware that Mark was in the army and that he held the rank of a captain. He was really a hero who also had a lot of medals. Whenever I or anyone talked about his medals, he was always shy to talk about it, and he would always shrug as if it was nothing. The fact that he had a lot of medals showed that he was a soldier in every way.

?Don?t worry, I will be fine,? Mark said.

?You really don?t know my brothers,? I warned.

He held my face and looked into my eyes. ?I may not know your brothers, but I know that they can never best me in airsoft.?

?The guys who are placed with you will sabotage the game,? I told him.

He smiled again. ?I have a plan for those guys too. Don?t worry babe, and I am going to surprise all of them.?

I smiled back at him, confident that he would be able to overcome my brothers? treachery and backstabbing.

The day came when Mark visited my family. It was during a weekend. It was one of those times when my parents invited all their children and grandchildren to a weekend when we will have a lot of fun and eat lots of food, which had been donated by everyone.

My brothers and their families did not arrive until the next day which was Saturday, and since Mark and I arrived on Friday, we were able to speak exclusively to my parents. My dad asked him about his army life, and I was glad that my brothers had no idea of what they were getting into. Most importantly, I could tell that my parents really liked Mark.

The next day, my brothers and their family members arrived. We chatted and played a lot. I introduced Mark to them, but I didn?t tell them that he was a soldier. As expected, they invited Mark to the airsoft game. They turned on all their charms to convince him, and he readily agreed.

The rest of the family wanted to watch too. They had the chance since there was a large TV screen that showed the actions of people in the area where the airsoft game would take place.

We piled into four different vehicles and drove to the center. My brothers, Mark and my brothers? friends all walked into a room while the rest of us stayed in a large room with a big screen.

When we next saw them on the screen, they were all dressed in army fatigues. Everyone screamed out of excitement when they saw them. Without being biased, I believe it was only Mark who looked the part. Perhaps it was because I had seen him in his army fatigues several times.

The game began, and I hoped fervently that Mark took my advice to heart. I saw Mark carrying his airsoft gun and moving forward. Suddenly, I could not watch again because I didn?t want Mark to lose to my brothers. I excused myself and walked out of the place.

No one even noticed; they were all too focused on the screen.

Outside, I heard several Ohs and Ahs and then screams of jubilation, and I closed my eyes. I guessed that my nephews and nieces were supporting their dads. After thirty minutes when the game should end, I walked back inside.

Everyone, especially the kids rushed over to me.

?Did you see that?? one asked.

?Aunt Julia, your boyfriend is awesome!?

?He is cool!?

?He is the best!?

?He jumped like Batman.?

?No, it was like Superman.?

?No, like Spiderman.?

And so on. Apparently, Mark had defeated and overcome all the opponents and also his teammates who tried to turn against him.

When he came out, I rushed towards him and kissed him.

?That was fun,? he said.

When my brothers walked out, they looked very haggard, and I had to laugh out loud.

Later, we all went out for candies and ice cream while everyone kept talking about the game.